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Measure Volume and Track Heat

Managing your biomass stockpiles has never been easier. With Robotto BioMeasureAI you can calculate the volume of your stockpile, to ensure effective future deliveries. Have the system scan for pockets of high heat to create an early warning system that allows you to protect your organization's sustainable investment.

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Understanding your stockpile has never been easier

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Simplified Flight

Select an area and press go  - it's as simple as that.

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Real Time Heat Monitoring

Take heat measurements throughout the flight to mitigate risks and stop flights when high-heat is detected. 

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Volume Calculations

The solution scans the stockpiled biomass and calculates the volume within two hours post-mission. 

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Integrated Reporting

Receive volume and heat calculations via email or choose integrated Microsoft 365 integration.

Upgrade your Aerial
Operation Today 

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BioMeasureAI by Robotto

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Hardware Packages


Every team is unique, and your organization's needs might differ. That's why we offer module solution packages.Choose the solution, hardware, and payloads to enhance and empower your team. 

  • Kickoff Meeting & Contract presentation

  • Contract signing and licensing

  • Package ships from Robotto HQ

  • Optional installation 

  • Ongoing support packages available


Case Study

Upgrading Aerial Detection

Experience the groundbreaking capabilities of BioMeasureAI by Robotto, revolutionizing the measurement of stockpiled biomass for high heat with its cutting-edge technology. Collaborating with a prominent central heat and power supplier in Copenhagen, and with the support of the European Space Agency, BioMeasureAI delivers unparalleled precision in biomass measurement, ensuring efficient utilization of this valuable resource.

Powered by advanced AI algorithms and relentless operational performance, BioMeasureAI ensures accurate measurements while minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency. By analyzing data in real time, BioMeasureAI detects patterns, identifies trends, and detects anomalies, empowering proactive decision-making and enabling long-term planning for optimized biomass utilization.

Embrace the future of biomass measurement technology with BioMeasureAI by Robotto. Benefit from unrivaled accuracy in measuring stockpiled biomass, optimize your resource management strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

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