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Danish AI fire detection software to support firefighters in Australia

Danish drone software frontrunner, Robotto, partners with Australian Firefly Aerial Imaging, bringing state-of-the-art drone software to Australian Firefighters, enabling them to gain a better understanding of bush fires faster. Equipped with analysed data in real-time, firefighters are able to reduce burn sizes by up to 60%

At least 12.6 million hectares burned, an estimated billion animals killed, 434 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted, and 11.3 million Australians affected by smoke. These are just some of the startling figures that reveal the scale and devastation caused by the ongoing bushfire crisis in Australia.

Climate change has changed the frequency and behaviour of bushfires, underlining the importance of implementing technology that is proven to support firefighters as they put their lives on the line to protect their communities.

This is why Firefly Aerial Imaging has taken steps, partnering with Danish AI Drone Software provider Robotto, to provide local firefighters and organizations in the firefighting diaspora with the ability to streamline their understanding of bush fires, empowering them to minimize burn sizes by up to 60%, and reduce man-hours by 50-70% with AI drone detection and analysis software for wildfires.

“We’re proud to announce the addition of Firefly Aerial Imaging to our ever-growing network of distributors, putting us closer to our strategic goal of reducing fire emissions globally by 10%. With their first-hand knowledge of firefighting, the team at Firefly Aerial Imaging is uniquely positioned to help Australian firefighters implement AI-powered drone software, helping save lives and save nature.” Co-founder and CEO Kenneth Richard Geipel.

“After identifying shared values between Robotto and what we stand for at Firefly Aerial Imaging, it only made sense to forge a relationship. The opportunity to showcase how this advanced software can be successfully implemented across the other side of the world to achieve a common goal is one we did not want to miss.” Director/Chief Remote Pilot Liam Moore.

About Robotto

The world’s most advanced wildfire ai drone software. Robotto helps firefighters locate and understand wildfires in real-time, giving them the information they need to effectively extinguish the flames. With Robotto Fire firefighters can decrease burn sizes by up to 60% and save 50 – 70% man-hours, making this drone software the best investment fire departments can make!

Robotto Press Contact

Christine Thaagaard – Marketing Manager

+45 27683558

About Firefly Aerial Imaging

Firefly Aerial Imaging was an early adopter of the potential in which drones could help the emergency management and public safety sectors within Australia. Drone technology is dramatically changing how emergency management personnel serve the public, by improving response times and mitigating risks. Details that would have otherwise not been seen from the ground can be safely and quickly captured and analysed in real-time.

Firefly Aerial Imaging Press Contact

Ashly Lock - Assistant to the Director

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