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What started as a college project now disrupting the drone industry. We're passionate about using AI technology to improve the world we live in.

Robotto started in 2018 as a bachelor thesis. Within this project, we created a collaboration with the Danish Emergency Management Agency, and created a proof-of-concept for a drone that autonomously could search for fire and map the data in real time. Which lead to publishing two peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Our smart drone technology allow us to provide detailed overviews. Increasing the efficacy of operations across industries, mitigating hazards, automating redundant processes and improving resource management . Since Robotto was founded, we've worked tirelessly to make our idea a reality.



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Climate change has both a local and a global impact, in some geographies extreme weather events and rainfall are becoming ever more frequent while other geographies are experiencing more extreme heat waves and droughts. Indeed, many of these impacts are already unfolding, however the impacts are expected to intensify in the coming decades.

To make matters worse, these events are all interlinked in vicious cycles where climate change feeds the climate crisis, e.g., Natural disasters changing the climate conditions, creating an atmosphere prone for further natural disasters. Often this releases more carbon into the atmosphere speeding global warming.

As climate change is happening at a speed where ecosystems are struggling to cope, it results in tremendous impacts on humans, biodiversity, and the economy. The climate crisis, with the devastating impact on Earth, is a global emergency. This makes the next decade decisive. We must be ambitious and willing to act. We must ensure greener transportation through adequate, supporting infrastructure, implement more environmentally-friendly management of natural resources, and capture unavoidable carbon emission from industrial processes.

In parallel to climate changes, humanity has become ever more digital using technology to develop new ways of working, that once seemed impossible. Making the impossible possible is exactly why technology plays a crucial role in building a more sustainable future and why technology will shape the sustainability agenda. Technology allows us to mobilize our resources more efficiently, and can support our efforts to halt the alarming destruction of the world.

Robotto was founded to inspire the world with innovative solutions at the intersection of technology and sustainability. We strongly believe technology is the key pillar in overcoming society’s biggest crisis. Technology can facilitate breaking the vicious cycle of a changing climate, mitigating the impact of inevitable events, and improving the way we manage the Earth’s natural resources. Our vision is to contribute to a more sustainable future and to empower new innovative solutions driven by data and AI. We do this by:


Enabling societies to adapt to the impact of climate change, such as management of natural resources more smartly through constant analysis, monitoring, and tracking of this resources with smart drone technology.


Supporting fundamental infrastructure required for the green transition, such as monitoring offshore wind turbines and monitoring power transmission lines..


Protecting our Earth’s resources and mitigating climate change, for example protecting the forest that many companies rely on as part of their sustainability journeys

Robotto supports mitigation efforts:

  • Support the green transitioning

  • Reduce GHG emissions

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Robotto supports adaptation efforts:

  • Reduce vulnerability to natural disasters e.g. wildfires


We're committed to improving the environment through innovating state-of-the-art technology aimed at increasing sustainability. We do this because we know how important it is to use technology for good. The UN Sustainability Goals guide us in our actions as leaders in the field, pushing us to make quality decisions that increase sustainability across the board.