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Koala endangered from wildfires


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Counting animals using intelligent technology


You know that understanding how many species exists is a vital first step to conservation, but getting this data can be hard. Robotto's drone system allows you to identify specific species from above, providing analyzed data and locations. 





Caribou endangered in Canada

Do I need a pilot's license?

Following the rules and regulations should be your first priority. If your country requires a pilot's license to operate a drone, you must designate specific pilots to operate Robotto's solutions.

Does it replace helicopters?

In some instances, you will be able to utilize Robotto’s solution instead of a helicopter but having helicopters on standby to support your response efforts will still be necessary.

Is it fully autonomous?

Robotto’s solution has assisted autonomy, meaning it cannot operate without the pilot directing its behavior. A pilot must identify where the drone is to operate and can take over control at any point. 

Are Chinese drones secure?

Our solution is built on Chinese drones but operates separately from Chinese software solutions on an NVIDIA Jetson via a closed-edge computing connection. This eliminates any transfer of data to the DJI platform. We built our solution on DJI Enterprise hardware as they are the market’s leader, providing the best results for our solution. 

Can it operate at night?

YES! Robotto’s solutions utilize both RBG and thermal imaging, enabling you to operate at night. 

Can it operate in extreme weather?

Robotto Hawk is outfitted with powerful motors that enable it to ascend at up to 6 m/s, fly up to 23 m/s, and handle wind speeds up to 15 m/s or 33.5 mph.  Robotto Falcon is cleared for flight alongside traditional aerial vehicles. 

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