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Want a robot to work for you? We make robots think for themselves, make smart decisions and provide you with game-changing data in realtime.

Vision-Based Navigation Technology
Aerial human detection with AI
Animal detection and tracking

Vision-Based Navigation

AI Detection

Edge-Level Processing

Vision-based navigation elevates robots to new heights, enabling autonomous operations.  Advanced sensors and cameras redefine robotics, positioning your organization at the forefront of innovation.

AI detection propels robots beyond traditional limits, offering instant insights. We’re revolutionizing proactive decision with real-time insights.

Our softwares work on the edge. This enables robots to process data on-site for faster, autonomous decisions, enhancing efficiency and safety even in remote locations.

Software for any Industry

Animal detection and tracking
Biomass volume and heat measurement
Fire perimeter mapping and hot spot detection


Critical Infrastucture


Bespoke animal detection and tracking software for UAVs.

Autonomous biomass volume and heat measurement calculation.

AI powered fire detection for perimeter mapping and hot-spot detection.

Powerful Bespoke 
Robotics Software

Autonomous biomass volume and heat measurement calculation. Think our software could strengthen your organization? Our technology turns robots into your most powerful tool.

Human Detection


Partnership work

Customizable Solution

Drone pilot testing Robotto tech

Future-Oriented Tech

Easy to use software via user interface

Robots, Simplified Instantly

Powerful Smart Robotics Made Easy

All of Robotto's solutions work through the Robotto Hub, our platform on the hardware. The hub is only viewable on the controller and your organization via an optional closed network homepage.

An edge computer, the Robotto Brain is mounted directly onto aerial or ground robots and is ready to execute Robotto's advanced systems to provide your organization with actionable data in real time. From in-field data for first responders and wildlife protection to autonomous safety and security operations that work alongside your existing safety and security team.

How Robotto's Tech works in your organization

What Our 
Client Says

Our collaboration with Robotto has revolutionized our conservation efforts by integrating their advanced drone and AI technologies to monitor and protect biodiversity in real time.

Tanasin Yimnoi

WWF Thailand

The technology has significantly optimized our operations by providing highly accurate, real-time stock measurements and temperature monitoring, ensuring operational efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability

Silent Project Partner

It gives us a fantastic overview when we’re operating and gives us a fuller understanding of the different hot spots.

Casper Weisberg

Team Lead, Nordjylland Beredskab

Aerial surveillence

Gain Drone Insights With The Robotto Academy

Robotto Academy offers a comprehensive learning platform for drone enthusiasts, providing webinars, courses, eBooks, and demos to help integrate, maximize, and expand your drone technology skills. It's designed as a one-stop shop for personalized training and resources aimed at enhancing operations and broadening services in various industries.

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