"Applying intelligence to big global problems gives humanity the ability to evolve"

Kenneth Richard Geipel

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Creating effective problem-solving solutions

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Robotto identifies a big global problem

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November 2019


As students at Aalborg University Robotto's founders worked together on a bachelor's project where they identified the powerful application of Drone Software in firefighting system.






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Elevating Human Ability

Our ability as humans has always been augmented and elevated with the introduction of new technology. With the invention of the wheel, humans were able to move with ease and the introduction of the computer enabled humans to reach new levels.


At Robotto we recognize the significant impact these inventions have had on human ability and believe that intelligent robotics is the next step in our evolution as humans.


With our technologies, users are able to elevate their work processes, focusing on other issues that strengthen their operations.

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Drone Airports

Today helicopters and small planes stand at the ready to perform aerial services. In the future, Robotto envisions airports dedicated to drone services.

Imagine a world where you no longer need to own and operate a drone, but can call upon a service operator who is able to send a drone out autonomously to complete a task- saving you time and money. 

Robotto believes in a future where drone airports are a part of the fabric of our society, and work towards this future in all we do.

Autonomous Solutions

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