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Make outdated fire maps a thing of the past with powerful fire detection and mapping from Robotto. FireAI allows you to detect and understand fire in real time thanks to powerful edge-level computing. Choose between perimeter mapping or conducting post-operational reviews with hot spot detection. Integrate fire data into your mission planning with the touch of a button thanks to our new KML export function. Send fire data via Telegram to your team, and plan your attack.

Fire team using Robotto's FireAI software via edge-level device
Bombers GRAF Logo - a Robotto partner
Danish Bedredskabsyrelse logo - a Robotto partner

And say hello to
real-time fire mapping

FireAI User Interface for wildfire mapping
FireAI user interface for hot spot detection

In the air in seconds and on your screen in minutes

Using Computer Vision and AI FireAI provides real-time fire maps.

Partnership field operation with GRAF Bombers in Spain

We take care of the flying so you can focus on the mission. With our advanced flight planning and situational behavior, FireAI provides key mission data that can make or break your operation. Send maps to your teammates or upload to the mission planning with KML files, making it easy to plan and update missions as they unfold. 

Developed in partnership with experts. We know robotics they know firefighting - together we've developed the team member we wall want. FireAI focuses on the job at home, it doesn't get tired, and it shows you the information you need to stay safe while you save lives.

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Every team is unique, and your organization's needs might differ. That's why we offer module solution packages.Choose the solution, hardware, and payloads to enhance and empower your team. 

  • Kickoff Meeting & Contract presentation

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  • Package ships from Robotto HQ

  • Optional installation 

  • Ongoing support packages available


Case Study

Post op missions

During our hands-on trials with our collaborators at Bombers GRAF, we prioritized perimeter mapping. This was in response to the pressing challenges of vast fires and prolonged delays for updated fire maps. However, as emergencies evolved, the importance of post-operation assessments surged.

In collaboration with Bombers GRAF, Robotto's team innovated within FireAI.


We introduced a feature targeting the detection of smaller hot spots, which might pose risks when exiting a site. Unlike the perimeter mapping that contours the fire's boundary, hot spot detection works on the premise that there aren't significant heat sources. It focuses on flying above and pinpointing these hot spots, integrating them into a map for detailed analysis.

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