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All of Robotto's solutions work through the Robotto Hub, our platform on the hardware. The hub is only viewable on the controller and your organization via an optional closed network homepage.

An edge computer, the Robotto Brain is mounted directly onto aerial or ground robots and is ready to execute Robotto's advanced systems to provide your organization with actionable data in real time. From in-field data for first responders and wildlife protection to autonomous safety and security operations that work alongside your existing safety and security team.

Site Safety Illustration
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Our collaboration with Robotto has been truly remarkable. Together, we've developed custom solutions that integrate their fast-evolving drone and AI technology with our conservation initiatives. This partnership has allowed us to gather precise data and monitor threatened ecosystems in real time, greatly enhancing our ability to protect biodiversity and take targeted actions.

Tanasin Yimnoi WWF Thailand
Animals detected with Robotto's AI detection

Object Detection

AI detection

All solutions enable faster response times with advanced AI detection.

When assisted by AI detection, your organization can ensure no event or object goes unnoticed, strengthening all-around safety and security.

Thermal view of fire

Thermal Support

Thermal Camera

All solutions utilize thermal output for upgraded results.

Be it detecting fire, search and rescue subjects, security threats, or biomass heat levels, thermal understanding ensures quality results.

Work smarter not harder with Robotto's advanced system

Integrated data reporting via Microsoft 365 in a secure Sharepoint document.

Data Integration

Optional server connection

Store and archive data for analysis at a later date.

Use this for compliance documentation, or request automized alerts to simplify surveillance.

Autonomous operations powered by Vision-Based Navigation

Object Avoidance


Robotto's assisted autonomy comes with object avoidance to protect your hardware while in flight.

Intelligent situational flight paths are generated during flight to ensure the entire area is covered.

Perimeter Mapping with Robotto's FireAI wildfire software

Real-time analysis

AI calculation and analysis

Artificial intelligence enables the solution to provide actionable data for your organization in real-time.

This means your organization can make key decisions that upgrade current efforts.

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Built on an advanced edge computing system

Robotto's closed network system provides advanced and analyzed data for your organization. Utilizing edge computing allows the system to provide accurate results fast while protecting your organization's cyber security.

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