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Detecting activity 98% faster

Experience the power of limitless surveillance with OmniSight by Robotto. Unlike humans who can be prone to distraction and fatigue, our AI-powered solution never tires. Harness unparalleled accuracy and swift detection, revolutionizing your aerial surveillance capabilities and enhancing your team's overall effectiveness. Discover the future of surveillance technology with OmniSight and stay one step ahead.

Drone pilot with controller monitoring the autonomous software during mission
Surrey Search and Rescue was a partner for creating this system
The European Space Agency funded development of the software
The Danish First Responders was an original development partner


Robotto chip with AI powers human detection via aerial robot (drone)
Real-time insights for teams
Simplified Flight

Takeoff with confidence with autonomous on-the-go flight planning with situational awareness.

Real-Time Insights

Be informed as the flight progresses with on-screen detections that make it easy to track the effectiveness of the fligh

AI-Detection human detection
Enhanced insights
AI Object Detection

Stop playing Where's Waldo and let the AI spot humans faster than the human eye.

Enhanced Overivew

Input filters to search for specific colors, enhancing your mission.

Make detections across industries

Helicopter Medical Service


Find their location faster

Cargo Ship at Port

Port Security


risks faster

Biomass Stockpile

Critical Infrastructure


risks faster

Upgrade your 
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OmniSight User Interface
OmniSight Detection

OmniSight by Robotto

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Every team is unique, and your organization's needs might differ. That's why we offer module solution packages.Choose the solution, hardware, and payloads to enhance and empower your team. 

  • Kickoff Meeting & Contract presentation

  • Contract signing and licensing

  • Package ships from Robotto HQ

  • Optional installation 

  • Ongoing support packages available

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Elevating Aerial Security

What is drone technology, and how can adding a drone to your operation elevate security and mitigate risks? In this eBook, we explore where drone technology comes from, the benefits and risks, and how new drone technology such as edge-computing enables users to increase efficiency and integrate into existing protocols and systems.


Download the eBook for free and gain invaluable insights from one of Denmark's most innovative and award-winning startups.


Case Study

Upgrading Aerial Detection

Experience the cutting-edge power of OmniSight by Robotto, revolutionizing aerial surveillance with its unmatched detection capabilities. Partnering with a central heat and power supplier in Copenhagen, backed by the European Space Agency, OmniSight delivers exceptional accuracy in aerial threat detection, ensuring seamless security operations.

OmniSight's advanced AI algorithms and tireless operation enable precise detection, minimize false alarms and optimize efficiency. With real-time data analysis, OmniSight identifies patterns, trends, and anomalies, empowering proactive decision-making and long-term planning for aerial security.

Unlock the future of aerial surveillance technology with OmniSight by Robotto. Benefit from unrivaled detection accuracy, elevate your aerial security and stay one step ahead.

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