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Detect and track animals with AI

Empowering animal conservationists and livestock farmers with advanced UAV technology and AI-driven tracking capabilities

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Revolutionizing Wildlife Conservation and Livestock Management

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Simplified Flight

Select an area and press go  - it's as simple as that.

Movement Detection

See the results right away thanks to edge-level processing.

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UAV Tracking

Our advanced AI model makes accurate detections before the eye is able to register.

Real-Time Data

Input filters to search for specific colors, enhancing your mission.

Upgrade your Aerial
Operation Today 

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NatureTrackAI by Robotto

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Kickoff Meeting

1-Year Licenses

Hardware Packages


Every team is unique, and your organization's needs might differ. That's why we offer module solution packages.Choose the solution, hardware, and payloads to enhance and empower your team. 

  • Kickoff Meeting & Contract presentation

  • Contract signing and licensing

  • Package ships from Robotto HQ

  • Optional installation 

  • Ongoing support packages available


Case Study

Upgrading Aerial Detection

Robotto partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to develop an innovative aerial solution for animal detection and tracking. By harnessing drones and AI algorithms, the aim was to enhance wildlife conservation efforts and protect endangered species. This case study highlights the successful implementation of Robotto's aerial solution and its impact on the WWF's conservation initiatives.


The collaboration between Robotto and the WWF produced significant results in advancing wildlife conservation. The aerial solution empowered the WWF to monitor large wildlife habitats more efficiently and effectively. With AI-powered algorithms, the drones accurately identified and tracked endangered species, enabling conservationists to prioritize protection measures. Swift detection of threats like poaching and habitat encroachment helped prevent illegal activities and mitigate human-wildlife conflicts. Real-time data provided valuable insights into animal behavior, habitat dynamics, and ecosystem health, aiding researchers and conservationists. The success of Robotto's collaboration showcased the potential of aerial solutions and AI technologies in revolutionizing wildlife conservation and promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

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