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Detect and track animals with AI

Empowering animal conservationists and livestock farmers with advanced UAV technology and AI-driven tracking capabilities

Park ranger viewing Robotto's NatureTrackAI software live.
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Eyes in the sky
in no time

Knowing where animals are, and where they are headed has never been easier. Unlike other systems, NatureTrackAI takes a hands off approach, allowing animals to live in peace thanks to our advanced aerial operating systems equipped with real-time AI detections. 

Revolutionizing Wildlife Conservation & Livestock Management

Icon showing obstacle avoidance
Movement Detection

See the results right away thanks to edge-level processing.

Drone icon depicting autonomous flight powered by vision-based operation
Simplified Flight

Select an area and press go  - it's as simple as that.

Icon depicting deletions on map
Icon depicting efficiency
UAV Tracking

Our advanced AI model makes accurate detections before the eye is able to register.

Real-Time Data

Input filters to search for specific colors, enhancing your mission.

Ditch the wait time

Cut through the red tape with low cost & effective aerial detection and tracking.

NatureTrackAI in action on edge-level detection in the field
Enhanced Safari Adventures

Experience the wild like never before with NatureTrackAI's real-time animal detection technology, elevating your safari adventures to exhilarating new heights while ensuring utmost safety

Proactive Intervention in Dangerous Situations

Ensure a secure wilderness exploration with NatureTrackAI's real-time alerts on potential human-wildlife conflicts or dangerous situations, fostering a safe and enjoyable safari adventure.

Wildlife Conservation Support

Embrace responsible tourism and wildlife conservation with NatureTrackAI, minimizing human impact on natural habitats and contributing positively towards sustainable wildlife ecosystems

Real-time Animal Mapping and Tracking

Immerse in a rich safari experience with NatureTrackAI's real-time animal mapping and tracking feature, enabling insightful wildlife observation and optimized route planning for unforgettable encounters.

NatureTrack AI enables conservation teams to detect and monitor animal activity in real-time, giving them time to react, thereby preventing human-wildlife conflict.


The software is developed in partnership with WWF Denmark and WWF Thailand, preventing human-elephant conflict in two of Thailand's national parks: Kaeng Krung National Park and Kui Buri National Park.

Intelligent drone detects elephant for park rangers
Herd tracking solution


Giving conservation teams the warning they need to mitigate potential conflict, helping protect the lives of endangered species and save lives.


45 mintues


120 meters


5 m/s




25 mintues


2.5 hours


3000 meters


100 km/h


1 min post flight



Discover the True Value

In the evolving world of environmental surveillance and conservation, every decision matters. From selecting the right technology to understanding its economic impact, leaders in the field are always in search of accurate insights. Enter the NatureTrackAI ROI Calculator—a tool designed specifically to unveil the financial advantage of leveraging our cutting-edge VTOL system over traditional aircraft methods.

How it Works

  1. Hours Utilized: Start by inputting the number of hours you typically employ an aircraft for monitoring.

  2. Operational Costs: Fill in the average hourly expense of operating these traditional aircraft.

  3. Frequency: Tell us how often you conduct these operations annually.

  4. Instant Insights: Click to calculate, and our tool will instantly reveal your potential ROI when switching to NatureTrackAI's system, factoring in the VTOL's cost and a year's license.

The data speaks volumes. Traditional methods may be draining your resources more than you realize. Switching to NatureTrackAI not only promotes advanced and efficient monitoring but can also significantly improve your bottom line. Get a sneak peek into these savings by using our calculator now

Confidential & Secure

Your inputs remain private. We don’t save, store, or share your data. This calculator is built to serve your needs, providing a quick, confidential glimpse into potential savings.

What is the ROI?


Upgrade your Aerial
Operation Today 

NatureTrackAI software user interface for aerial animal detection
NatureTrackAI software user interface after animal detection made

NatureTrackAI by Robotto

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 10.03.09.png

Our collaboration with Robotto has been truly remarkable. Together, we've developed custom solutions that integrate their fast-evolving drone and AI technology with our conservation initiatives. This partnership has allowed us to gather precise data and monitor threatened ecosystems in real time, greatly enhancing our ability to protect biodiversity and take targeted actions.

Tanasin Yimnoi WWF Thailand
WWF Testmonial

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Kickoff Meeting

1-Year Licenses

Hardware Packages


Every team is unique, and your organization's needs might differ. That's why we offer module solution packages.Choose the solution, hardware, and payloads to enhance and empower your team. 

  • Kickoff Meeting & Contract presentation

  • Contract signing and licensing

  • Package ships from Robotto HQ

  • Optional installation 

  • Ongoing support packages available

Herd of Elephants


Discover the transformative power of drones and AI in wildlife conservation with our engaging and informative eBook! Packed with actionable insights, best practices, and real-life case studies, this comprehensive guide is designed for both novice and experienced drone teams. Explore how cutting-edge technology can enhance your conservation efforts, streamline operations, and make a lasting impact on our planet's precious ecosystems. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey and revolutionize your approach to wildlife conservation with our free eBook!


Case Study

Upgrading Aerial Detection

Robotto partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to develop an innovative aerial solution for animal detection and tracking. By harnessing drones and AI algorithms, the aim was to enhance wildlife conservation efforts and protect endangered species. This case study highlights the successful implementation of Robotto's aerial solution and its impact on the WWF's conservation initiatives.


The collaboration between Robotto and the WWF produced significant results in advancing wildlife conservation. The aerial solution empowered the WWF to monitor large wildlife habitats more efficiently and effectively. With AI-powered algorithms, the drones accurately identified and tracked endangered species, enabling conservationists to prioritize protection measures. Swift detection of threats like poaching and habitat encroachment helped prevent illegal activities and mitigate human-wildlife conflicts. Real-time data provided valuable insights into animal behavior, habitat dynamics, and ecosystem health, aiding researchers and conservationists. The success of Robotto's collaboration showcased the potential of aerial solutions and AI technologies in revolutionizing wildlife conservation and promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.


Herd of elephants

Do I need a pilot's license?

Following the rules and regulations should be your first priority. If your country requires a pilot's license to operate a drone, you must designate specific pilots to operate Robotto's solutions.

Does it replace helicopters?

In some instances, you will be able to utilize Robotto’s solution instead of a helicopter but having helicopters on standby to support your response efforts will still be necessary.

Is it fully autonomous?

Robotto’s solution has assisted autonomy, meaning it cannot operate without the pilot directing its behavior. A pilot must identify where the drone is to operate and can take over control at any point. 

Are Chinese drones secure?

Our solution is built on Chinese drones but operates separately from Chinese software solutions on an NVIDIA Jetson via a closed-edge computing connection. This eliminates any transfer of data to the DJI platform. We built our solution on DJI Enterprise hardware as they are the market’s leader, providing the best results for our solution. 

Can it operate at night?

YES! Robotto’s solutions utilize both RBG and thermal imaging, enabling you to operate at night. 

Can it differentiate between species?

Yes! Our AI architecture was built to differentiate between species and given time and data our database will enable detection and differentiation between species. 

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