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A Monumental Moment for Robotto: Joining the WildDrone Advisory Board

At Robotto, our journey has been marked by passion, innovation, and the persistent drive to make a positive impact on our environment. Today, we stand at a pivotal juncture, having been invited to join the advisory board of the esteemed WildDrone project—a testament to our commitment and the trust the conservation community has in us.

The WildDrone project is a groundbreaking initiative, bringing together the world's leading conservationists, technologists, and field researchers. It seeks to harness the untapped potential of aerial robotics in understanding, monitoring, and conserving our planet's diverse ecosystems. WildDrone's mission, which perfectly aligns with ours, is to revolutionize traditional conservation techniques and methodologies.

Being in the esteemed company of leaders like WIPSEA, Wageningen University, University of Bristol, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, and Avy B.V., to name a few, is not merely a recognition—it's an affirmation. An affirmation of our vision, our commitment, and the ripple effect startups like ours can create in the vast ocean of global conservation.

A Beacon of Our Commitment

From our very first day, Robotto's heartbeat has been its vision: leveraging cutting-edge technology to nurture and preserve our planet. This invitation to the advisory board is both an extension and an amplification of this vision. It allows us to engage with an ecosystem of experts who, like us, dream of a seamless blend of tech innovation and conservation.

Introducing: The WildDrone Project

In the heart of our endeavors lies the WildDrone project—a beacon of our dedication to innovation in conservation. WildDrone stands at the intersection of technology and nature, aiming to harness the power of aerial robotics to closely monitor, protect, and understand the myriad of life forms that grace our planet. The project's core is built upon the principles of precision, agility, and real-time response, offering unparalleled insights into the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

As part of this initiative, we've collaborated with leading conservationists, tech mavens, and field researchers, creating a synergy that's truly transformative. The potential of WildDrone transcends traditional conservation techniques. It's not just about observing—it's about proactively engaging with the environment, predicting potential threats, and devising strategies to ensure the vibrant continuity of life. The journey of WildDrone is just beginning, but its promise to revolutionize our understanding of nature is boundless.

The Road Ahead: Responsibility & Renewal

With this new honor comes renewed responsibility. We recognize the weight of this role, and we are brimming with excitement and determination to contribute meaningfully. As a startup, we bring a fresh perspective, unfettered creativity, and an undying spirit to challenge conventions—all crucial elements to bring innovation to the conservation conversation.

"The journey of Robotto has always been about more than just us—it's been about a collective dream, shared by every member of our team and the broader community we engage with. Being invited to this distinguished board is a testament to every ounce of passion, every late-night brainstorming session, and every hurdle we've overcome," CEO and Co-Founder Keneth Richard Geipel states.

In this new chapter, we pledge to carry forward this legacy of innovation, passion, and commitment. Let us all move ahead with the belief that, together, we can redraw the boundaries of what's possible in conservation.


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