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Co-Founder and CEO sits down with CleanTechWatch

This past week our co-founder and CEO Kenneth Richard Giepel sat down with CleanTechWatch, a danish online media source dedicated to identifying how technology can help improve sustainability.

In the article, Kenneth pointed to the immense potential impact Robotto Fire has, reiterating the results from our study where it was found that the technology has the ability to reduce burn sizes by 60% and save 50-70% of man-hours. In terms of sustainability, Giepel noted that the potentially saved emissions equal the same amount as if Denmark were to eliminate all emissions for a year.

The article also touches upon the commercialization of the technology, noting that Robotto is a first mover in the market, putting the software lightyears ahead of potential competitors in the field.

Here is a short paragraph from CleantechWatch’s article written by Josephine Buur Bach translated:

Going forward, it's potentially more than just firefighting, that Kenneth Richard Geipel and his colleagues can contribute to making the world a bit greener.

“At the end of March, we will launch two new use-cases, Search and Rescue as well as Disaster Mapping, both of which operate on the same drone. After which we will focus on the maritime industry, where there is a big problem with oil spills as well as detection of fuel from ships. Here our customers will be ports, who are interested in protecting their ecology.”

Read the entire article for free with a 14-day trial here (in danish)


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