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Robotto and EET partner to help firefighters regain control of wildfires

Robotto is happy to announce our new partnership with EET, a company dedicated to improving the environment through innovating state-of-the-art drone technology aimed at increasing sustainability. This partnership will aim to help the brave men and women of the firefighter community regain control of wildfires.

"Joining in a partnership with a company as EET will allow us to serve our firefighters throughout Europe. Saving lives, and saving Nature. This is an excellent opportunity for Robotto and EET, who are dramatically ramping up their drone program, in growing together. Bringing state-of-the-art robotics to the frontline of firefighting operations."

Kenneth Richard Geipel, CEO at Robotto

With the yearly increase in the number of wildfires ravaging communities across the globe, applying this technology will give back the initiative to the hands of the firefighters. AWRA calculates the exact position, size, direction, and local weather information of the fire, and visualize all this data on a map in real time. Letting firefighters know how the fire is evolving, second by second, day or night. Making sure incident commanders allocate their resources with the biggest punch.

  • By strategically targeting wildfires, 50% to 70% of the man-hours in a wildfire operation can be saved. Reserving troops for other emergencies or fires.

  • Controlling the wildfire early on, up to 60% of the ha. land that would have been destroyed can be spared.

  • With a much smaller area being burned, there will be a massive saving of CO2 and other harmful emissions. Benefitting the health of the communities locally and mitigating global warming.

"Our new partnership with Robotto is a great addition to our drone solution portfolio. Not only as a technological advance on combating wildfires but also a great way to help reduce global Co2 emission."

Casper Duus Christensen, Product Manager at EET Group

About EET: EET Group is a value adding niche IT distributor, providing suppliers and customers with expert industry knowledge, intelligent logistics solutions, unique sales service and smart marketing tools. The organization has recently added drone solutions to their portfolio. They operate in 24 markets across Europe, carry over 1,100 brands and serve more than 30,000 buying customers annually.

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