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How to Buy from Firerescue1

Implementing drones into firefighting has long been a, at points, tricky task. In a Facebook group, we asked fire drone users how long it took them to start their program. Responses ranged from 6 months to 6 years. This wide array of answers indicates an improvement when it comes to implementation, as many departments have become more aware of the general benefits of using drones in their fire-fighting operation, and the timeline from consideration, to purchase, to implementation has shortened greatly.

At Robotto we've always believed that implementing technology has the ability to improve dirty, dangerous, and at times, dull tasks, and any resources that help organizations understand and implement this technology should be shared!

FireRescue1 has created this lengthy and thorough guide on how to buy drones, including considerations for your department and key questions to ask drone vendors.

Check out the guide here!


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