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R-22 and EY Startup of the Year

Last week CEO and Co-Founder Kenneth Richard Geipel, and CET and Co-Founder Iuliu Novac traveled to H.C. Andersen's birthplace to attend R-22 with Odense Robotics. In addition to this, Kenneth Richard Geipel took a short trip from Odense to Copenhagen to attend the annual EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, where Robotto was nominated for Startup of the Year. Here's a short recap:


The week was spent surrounded by other members of the Robotics club in Denmark. Innovative and future thinking companies from around the country gathered to display their technology and showcase Denmark as a robotics hub. We spent the week alongside Odense Robotics who were our gracious hosts as we showed off our mini drone. Conference go'ers were able to test their drone pilot skills, seeing if they could master the simple hand movements needed to instruct the drone to fly, flip, follow and land. Check out these videos to see how two conference attendees put their skills to the test.

On Thursday Mr. Geipel participated in a pitch, giving conference attendees a deeper insight into Robotto as a company, our current and future products.

He highlighted the way in which we utilize edge-computing to provide ground teams detailed information about the size, location, and direction of the wildfire at hand. In addition to this, Mr. Geipel outlined where the company is looking to expand, noting our future quest to provide emergency services with Search and Rescue and real-time disaster mapping drone software.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year

No one likes loosing, but when you loose to a company like FarmDroid make the loss sting a little less. We're still very proud to have won Startup of the Year for North Denmark, and hope that as we continue our quest to help lower emissions by providing firefighters with more qualified, usable data, we we'll get another chance!


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