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Swarm Drones report for duty

Did you know Robotto is an active participant in a research project to develop swarm drone technology for first responders?

A project via the DIREC research group, a multi-university collaboration between Southern Denmark University (SDU), Denmark’s Technological Institute (DTI), Aalborg University (AAU), and two business partners, AgroIntelli and us, Robotto? The main focus of the project is to explore and develop multi-robot systems, also known as swarm robotics systems for use in search and rescue operations.

The project started a year ago, and after the update, we had last week, we promise you the results will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. This project focuses on creating multi-robot systems – basically a group of drones that can work together to perform search and rescue missions. And here’s the best part: all these drones will be controlled through one single interface! So, imagine you’re in a search and rescue mission, and you can add or subtract drones as needed – pretty cool right?

Why Robotto participates in research projects

At Robotto, we’re all about innovation, and that’s exactly what the HERD project is bringing to the table. We’re taking our SAR (Search and Rescue) solution to the next level, and we’re doing it in collaboration with some of the biggest Danish research institutions in the game.

You might be thinking, but you’re a company that already uses robotic technology, why would you spend your time working with researchers? Well, here’s the thing, technology is always changing and while things like “the longest battery life yet” or “the sharpest image we’ve ever seen” are great for things like your phone, we want to provide much, much more for our clients. The best way to do this is to develop research projects with researchers at the highest level directly connected to our solutions here at Robotto.

Robotto is honored to be a part of this project and we are excited to see the results of our collaboration with the other universities and business partners. We believe that the development of multi-robot systems for search and rescue operations will profoundly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of these critical operations.

The HERD project is a major step forward in the development of innovative solutions for first responders. Robotto is committed to providing the best technology tools to those who put their lives on the line to help others. Our participation in the HERD project is just one more example of our dedication to the mission.

Want to read about the progress the researchers have made? Check out their publications here:

Researchers will also be featured in Cultural Robotics: Social Robots and their Emergent Cultural Ecologies with the chapter “Drone Swarms to Support Search and Rescue Operations: Opportunities and Challenges” Maria-Theresa Oanh Hoang, Kasper Andreas Rømer Grøntved, Niels van Berkel, Mikael Skov, Anders Lyhne Christensen, Timothy Merritt.


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