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Revolutionizing Wildlife Conservation


Revolutionizing Wildlife Conservation: New eBook Explores How Drones and AI are Transforming the Field

Aalborg, Denmark, May 2 2023 - In an era of rapid technological advancements, wildlife conservation has found powerful new allies in drones and artificial intelligence (AI). Robotto, an innovative company specializing in cutting-edge drone and AI technology, is proud to announce the release of its latest eBook: "Revolutionizing Wildlife Conservation: Harnessing the Power of Drones and AI."

As a leading voice in the integration of drone technology and AI for wildlife conservation, Robotto's eBook is a comprehensive guide that offers valuable insights and best practices for professionals working in the field. Through engaging case studies, detailed examples, and actionable advice, the eBook demonstrates how these technologies can be harnessed to protect endangered species, monitor ecosystems, and combat wildlife crimes such as poaching.

"Revolutionizing Wildlife Conservation" dives deep into the potential applications of drones and AI, presenting readers with a clear understanding of how they can enhance current conservation efforts. From aerial surveys and monitoring to anti-poaching operations, the eBook explores the numerous ways in which drone technology and AI can be leveraged for maximum impact in the field of wildlife conservation.

Robotto's collaboration with organizations like the WWF has already yielded promising results, with their custom solutions enabling real-time monitoring of threatened ecosystems and providing conservationists with crucial data to protect biodiversity.

"Our partnership with Robotto has transformed the way we approach wildlife conservation," says Tanasin Yimnoi, a representative from WWF Thailand. "By integrating their advanced drone and AI technology into our initiatives, we've been able to gather precise data, monitor ecosystems in real-time, and make more informed decisions to protect our planet's biodiversity."

The eBook is a must-read for conservationists, drone operators, and anyone interested in the future of wildlife preservation. It is available for download through Robotto's website, where readers can also find additional resources, blog posts, and opportunities to engage with experts in the field. For more information, or to request a free copy of the eBook, visit Members of the media interested in interviews or additional information can contact Christine Thaagaard, Marketing Manager at

About Robotto: Robotto is a spin-off of Aalborg University, founded in 2019 with the mission of harnessing the power of robotics and AI for the greater good. The company specializes in edge-computing devices that make robotics smart, working within three verticals: first responders, wildlife conservation, and critical infrastructure. Robotto's advanced drone and AI solutions empower everyday workers to detect, analyze, and protect our planet's most precious resources.

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