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Robotto enters the middle eastern market with the addition of Seeracom to a growing network

Danish drone technology partners with Omani Seeracom, connecting the Gulf industry and local organizations with powerful artificial intelligence software to increase safety, save lives, and save nature.

“We are very excited to be working with Robotto, and feel that their innovative solutions and proven capabilities, will meet the needs of our end users in many of the various markets we are working with.” Paul Brown, Sales Director at Seeracom.

Seeracom is one of ten distributors worldwide, elevating the gulf’s ability to utilize artificial intelligence in aerial operations. Seeracom will act as Robotto’s local partner for firefighting, search and rescue, wildlife tracking and management, and maritime and site management drone software applications in the future.

“Our partnership with Seeracom will establish a direct pipeline to future applications ensuring usability amongst end-users and ensure the usability of applications in development beyond their initial pilot projects.” Kenneth Richard Geipel, CO-Founder & CEO of Robotto

About Robotto: The world’s most advanced intelligent drone software. Robotto’s platform enables drone users to upgrade their effectiveness with artificial intelligence. The company provides emergency services and wildlife management with bespoke software via Robotto’s drone software platform.


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Paul Brown

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