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Robotto partners with Arcanum Africa, providing ai drone software to south African firefighters

In 2021 over two million hectares burned across South Africa, destroying wildlife, killing livestock, and resulting in the loss of two firefighters. The Daily Maverick notes that the devastating results of wildfires include “massive job losses, destruction of livelihoods, food security for subsistence and emerging farmers, tribal lands, destruction of the environment and infrastructure.”

Arcanum Africa, Robotto’s new South African distributor, will provide local firefighters and organizations in the firefighting diaspora with advanced AI drone software, giving them the information they need to minimize burn sizes by up to 60% and reduce 50-70% of man-hours- helping save lives and save nature.

“Partnering with Arcanum Africa opens the doors to a unique market where parts of the emergency service industry are privately run, shortening the procurement process and getting our life-saving technology into the hands of first responders.” CEO and Co-Founder, Kenneth Richard Geipel.

“We are delighted to be working with such an innovative company and feel that Robotto will make a significant difference to the way a number of emergency situations are handled in South Africa. Saving lives, as well as time and money, is a comprehensive solution to bring to the market.” Arcanum Africa founders Peter Stolwerk and Aarhon van Schaik.

In addition to Robotto Fire, Arcanum Africa has chosen to aid first responders with Robotto’s new Search and Rescue software after the conclusion of beta testing. South Africa’s vast nature pulls in nature and hiking enthusiasts from around the world. Unfortunately, a wonderful nature experience can result in individuals finding themselves lost. South Africa’s unique landscape makes it difficult for traditional grid land and air searches to efficiently local individuals in need, as getting off the ground and arriving at the location uses precious time away from getting help directly to the individual in need.

Located in Cape Town, Arcanum Africa provides state-of-the-art security solutions, wildlife and environmental protection, and communications and monitoring solutions- including Robotto Fire.

About Robotto

The world’s most advanced wildfire ai drone software. Robotto helps firefighters locate and understand wildfires in real time, giving them the information they need to effectively extinguish the flames. With Robotto Fire firefighters can decrease burn sizes by up to 60% and save 50 – 70% man-hours, making this drone software the best investment fire departments can make!


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