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Robotto partners with Kenyan-based Stablegen to combat a growing threat from wildfire in Kenya

Robotto is excited to announce its new partnership with Kenyan-based drone distributor, Stablegen. Stablegen’s objective to provide advanced drone solutions that enhance Kenya’s ability to utilize and protect Kenya’s vast and beautiful farmland and wildland makes them an ideal partner in this region of the world. As the first distributor to receive authorization to provide drones to the emergency service sector, Robotto is excited to partner with them as they introduce drones to the Kenyan fire service.

”Stablegen’s commitment to Kenya’s nature and their passion for helping industries utilize the potential of drones makes them the perfect partner in their region. We at Robotto look forward to working with them as they partner with emergency services to bring them the power of autonomous drones equipped with fire data collection and analysis, powered by ai.” Robotto CEO and Co-Founder, Kenneth Richard Geipel

Kenya, like much of the world, has been experiencing a drastic increase in the number and intensity of wildfires. Additionally, COVID-19 has exacerbated the situation, limiting the Kenyan Forest Service’s ability to combat fires due to limited PPE, equipment, tools, and manpower.

Implementing drones equipped with Robotto’s AWRA software will decrease man-hours by 50-70% by strategically tackling fires and save approximately 60% of land by controlling fires early on. This will undoubtedly aid emergency services in Kenya as they work to protect Kenya’s nature, farmland, and communities.


Stablegen was founded in 2020 by Captain Tobias Ogeto after the promulgation of the Civil Aviation (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Regulations 2020 in Kenya. Providing drone services within agriculture, aerial survey, and mapping, industrial inspections, and photography, Stablegen looking forward to expanding its services to the emergency service sector.

Stablegen Press Release
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