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Revolutionizing Biomass Management with Drone Technology

Measure with precision. Save millions

Managing your biomass stockpiles has never been easier. With Robotto BioMeasureAI you can calculate the volume of your stockpile, to ensure effective future deliveries. Have the system scan for pockets of high heat to create an early warning system that allows you to protect your organization's sustainable investment.

Drone pilot starting Robotto's biomass volume and heat monitoring system

Eliminate the Guesswork

Estimating how large your stockplie is has always been a headache. Many have tried to utilize cameras with 3D imaging software to try and aliviate the pain, but unfortenlty, like a bad migrane, it doesn't dissapear compleatly. But unlike a migrane, this directly effects your organizations bottom line. 

Understanding your stockpile has never been easier

Drone Icon showing vision based navigation
Insurance Safety Compliant

Save costs while knowing the system stays out of the way.

Time icon showing how efficient the system is
Real Time Heat Monitoring

Take heat measurements throughout the flight to mitigate risks and stop flights when high-heat is detected. 

Volume icon showing volume measurement
Accurate Volume Measurments

The solution scans the stockpiled biomass and calculates the volume within two hours post-mission. 

Document Icon showing data management
Integrated Reporting

Receive volume and heat calculations via email or choose integrated Microsoft 365 integration.

Cost Savings

Eliminating guess work and strengthening stockpile data reduces the risk of miscalculations, thus reducing costs.

Consistency & Reliability

Keep the lights on and avoid using external warehouses for extra stock. Know exactly how much you have on hand at all times. 

Transforming Errors into Accuracy and Savings

Heat Monitoring with thermal camera
Safety & Insurance

Frequent heat measurements with integrated data reporting make it easy to present mitigation efforts while simultaneously protecting investments.

ROI BioMeasureAI

Maximize Your Biomass Management Efficiency 

Navigating the biomass industry can be both rewarding and challenging. With the constant need for accurate measurements and efficient stockpile management, every euro counts. Our state-of-the-art ROI Calculator is here to show you just how much.

Why Use the ROI Calculator for Biomass Monitoring?
  • Cost Predictability: Understand the financial implications of mismeasuring, whether you're stocked too high or too low.

  • Financial Insight: Get a clearer view of your annual costs related to measurement errors.

  • Future-Proof Decisions: Use accurate ROI data to inform your biomass management strategies and make smarter decisions.

How Does it Work?

It's simple. Input your costs for mismeasuring biomass stock, both when having excess or a shortage. Define how often each scenario happens in a year. Our calculator will instantly show you your return on investment for adopting advanced drone monitoring solutions. What you input isn't uploaded or shared.

What's the ROI for BioMeasureAI?

* Refrain from using periods or comas when inputting numbers over 999

* Robotto does not store or collect data input

Biomass stockpiles ready for surveillance with Robotto's biomass system BioMeasureAI


Transitioning to green alternatives presents new risks to your site's safety. Mitigating these risks requires new technologies that ensure the safety of your employees and structure and your ability to provide heat and electricity via sustainable sources. Robotto's drone-in-a-box solution enables you to rest easy with up-to-date data points that give you a better understanding of the temperament of your biomass.


45 mintues


120 meters


5 m/s




25 mintues


2.5 hours


3000 meters


100 km/h


1 min post flight





Understanding your stock of biomass is a vital aspect of ensuring site safety for critical infrastructure. But how do you measure, control and store heat for safe temperatures, and how do you communicate this data internally? To help organize your biomass monitoring we put together this free template. Download it here.

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Kickoff Meeting

1-Year Licenses

Hardware Packages


Every team is unique, and your organization's needs might differ. That's why we offer module solution packages.Choose the solution, hardware, and payloads to enhance and empower your team. 

  • Kickoff Meeting & Contract presentation

  • Contract signing and licensing

  • Package ships from Robotto HQ

  • Optional installation 

  • Ongoing support packages available


Case Study

Upgrading Aerial Detection

Experience the groundbreaking capabilities of BioMeasureAI by Robotto, revolutionizing the measurement of stockpiled biomass for high heat with its cutting-edge technology. Collaborating with a prominent central heat and power supplier in Copenhagen, and with the support of the European Space Agency, BioMeasureAI delivers unparalleled precision in biomass measurement, ensuring efficient utilization of this valuable resource.

Powered by advanced AI algorithms and relentless operational performance, BioMeasureAI ensures accurate measurements while minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency. By analyzing data in real time, BioMeasureAI detects patterns, identifies trends, and detects anomalies, empowering proactive decision-making and enabling long-term planning for optimized biomass utilization.

Embrace the future of biomass measurement technology with BioMeasureAI by Robotto. Benefit from unrivaled accuracy in measuring stockpiled biomass, optimize your resource management strategies and stay ahead of the curve.


Worker at a heat and power plan using Robotto's biomass system BioMeasureAI

Do I need a pilot's license?

Following the rules and regulations should be your first priority. If your country requires a pilot's license to operate a drone, you must designate specific pilots to operate Robotto's solutions.

Is it fully autonomous?

Robotto’s solution has assisted autonomy, meaning it cannot operate without the pilot directing its behavior. A pilot must identify where the drone is to operate and can take over control at any point. 

Are Chinese drones secure?

Our solution is built on Chinese drones but operates separately from Chinese software solutions on an NVIDIA Jetson via a closed-edge computing connection. This eliminates any transfer of data to the DJI platform. We built our solution on DJI Enterprise hardware as they are the market’s leader, providing the best results for our solution. 

Can it operate at night?

YES! Robotto’s solutions utilize both RBG and thermal imaging, enabling you to operate at night. 

Does it only work on a drone?

No, the solution will be integrated into your existing security camera system and/or a ground robot such as Robotto Responder.

Can it integrate into existing processes?

The system can be built into your existing compliance risk management system. 

How can it strengthen compliance? 

In addition to AI, the solution harnesses the power of computer vision, allowing it to identify differences in safety wear.

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