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Drone Stations

Today, many fire departments in rural areas, prone to forest fires, utilize stationary cameras for surveillance and fire detection. This system requires a constant viewership, much like security cameras at a building. Not only is this system expensive in man-hours, but the reliance on human identification also leaves a margin for error. (Error which could have an even higher cost.)

At Robotto this potential for loss of life and the increased financial burden of wildfires on departments across the globe motivates us to innovate and set goals for the future. Innovation is our lifeblood, and we've considered how advancements within drone technology have the ability to improve response times from identification of fire to surveillance, analysis, and action. We're well on our way with the introduction of Robotto Fire, our advanced drone software, powered by AI, but we're excited just thinking about the impact a drone in-a-box solution could have!

They hold the possibility to shorten response times, getting powerful drones like ours into the air, decreasing burn sizes even more, and making firefighting more efficient.

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